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Web Development (Examples Below)

...In today’s digitally competitive landscape, a web site is as important to a business' success, as its reputation, products and services and the quality of the web site factors heavily into its ability to project the intended impression effectively.

...Concepts & Creations, LLC Multimedia™ can design, build and *publish the type of web site your company needs to project a professional image to its visitors. Utilizing industry leading software, such as; Adobe® Dreamweaver® and Microsoft® Frontpage®, C&C,llc can develop the type of web site a company desires, based on whatever standards it demands.

...In addition to proficiencies with HTML, XHTML, HTML5, CSS and Java Script...C&C,llc can also develop web pages and even entire web sites with Adobe® FLASH® animation to help it stand out from average "static" sites onthe Internet. For an additional fee, C&C,llc can also teach *basic web development skills so that the client can perform typical updates, eliminating developer dependency and costly charges for routine, post-publication tasks.

Below is a "Before & After" comparative diagram showing a site C&C,llc redesigned in April 2011.

* Publication of web pages/sites and/or teaching web development are not services, which are included in standard Web Development. Each service (Publication and Teaching) is billed separately and individually at additional rates / costs.

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Example Sites Online
  SHIC79.com (HTML site) ProjectNatale.com (HTML and Adobe® FLASH® site) SoapAndSuds.com (HTML and Adobe® FLASH® site)



China Gourmet (HTML)

Healing Hills Massage (Adobe® Flash® site)

Bookkeeping Solutions (Adobe® Flash®)



Comparative Diagram
  Example of a Web Site Redesigned by Concepts & Creations Multimedia
  (Screen shots of the actual web pages, which were resized and placed into this web page for this comparison)
  Client: Smith's Home Improvement Corp. / www.SHIC79.com
  Before   After
















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